During the ancient la Tène Era
within ancient France, at the birthplace

of the first French Pinots

The AEDUI celts ruled over ancient Burgundy while contemporary Celtic craftsmen were establishing the LA TENE art form which blossomed spectacularly between the 5th and 1st centuries B.C.E. Centred on present-day AUTUN, some 25 miles west of BEAUNE, the AEDUI had the respect and favour of Imperial Rome. Crucially, they reformulated Roman viticultural knowledge enabling them to domesticate the wild local vines which were to become the first PINOT varietals.

The master crafters

Of vine & wine

Imagine the scene in Augustodunum as the Celtic explorers return after a long expedition… As Augustodunum awakes, groggily triumphant at the return of their heroes, the Druid Diviciacos is already agilely apace in the vines; the first hesitant rays of sunshine illuminate his face and reflect onto his long white beard. The bunches of Pinot are perfectly formed, the tiny black grapes are ripe and ready for a new vintage. On this victorious Autumn day, as the vine leaves take on a golden sheen, the harvest is imminent.

As each year passes, DIVICIACOS can recall each and every vintage. Over a half century ago, the Romans granted the AEDUI the privilege of planting and cultivating the ancient lambrusque ancestor of the Pinot and imparted to them their legendary viticultural knowledge. The AEDUI – after refining and experimenting – gleaned the essence of pinot from here and elsewhere to give birth to the wines of LA TENE.

All kinds of pinot

“CAEsar bottle today”

The AEDUI became distinguished vignerons but also – with aid from the Roman emperors – the greatest merchants in Gaul and controlled trade throughout the vast reaches of the Celtic world. Thus on the banks of the River ARROUX, the citizens are also preoccupied with other ideas. Not far from the Temple of JANUS, small riverboats ply the waters exchanging cloth, salt, oils, bronze vessels, barrels of wine and other precious wares.

Masters of the art

Of selection

Meanwhile under the warm sun, the AEDUI vignerons painstakingly taste wine samples to ensure they select only the finest, most aromatic offerings of Gaul. Artisans of vine and wine, they are past masters in the art of selection and ageing.

While the Mastercraftsmen select and trade wines in barrel, the annual Autumn feast is being prepared. The wines – purchased from the merchants in the South last year have finished their ageing. Poured delicately into superb stamnos, they will be served and enjoyed at the banquet that evening.

The flamboyant sun gives way to a majestic moon. At dusk, music rises from the amphitheatre. Bards play festive themes of welcome to the victors amidst torrents of acclaim. The ladies, worthy representatives of the city, sport elegant, finely braided hairstyles, sumptuous jewels, torcs and other golden accoutrements. Warriors, artisans, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, vignerons and merchants together celebrate at a splendid banquet with a goblet of LA TENE wine in hand.


loyal and worthy

In the midst of these choice dishes, transcending time and space, the wines of LA TENE are to be found on the finest tables. Wholesome, loyal and worthy - in the past and still today - these wines are firm favourites in many countries both at high level celebrations or a simple aperitif between friends.

LA TENE is the result of our research and selection of Pinots grown outside Burgundy. It is a medium through which we pay homage to the magnificent art of LA TENE and to the celtic AEDUI vignerons who were the original progenitors of Pinot and contemporary Burgundy.


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